Steam Chat To Talk With Your Steam Friends From Your Mobile

It has been slow to arrive but finally, Valve has launched Steam Chat for iOS and Android, an application designed to hold conversations with our friends on the PC gaming platform. The same can already be downloaded for free from the app market of Play Store and App Store.

stream chat

If most of your friends are more PC than console until now you could only have conversations with them through the PC version of Steam, while users of PS4 and Xbox can join groups even if they do not have the console on. Now you can talk to your Steam friends even if you have the computer turned off miles away thanks to Steam Chat.

PC players now stay in touch at all times through Steam Chat, an app that has just landed on iOS and Android and that inherits the operation of the Chat for PC app, although it loses a fundamental tool: voice chat. In this way, Steam Chat comes to Play Store and App Store as a kind of WhatsApp for Steam players.

Steam Chat

Despite not having voice talks, Valve’s app to chat with your Steam friends is quite complete. It has support for video, tweets, GIFs, emoticons, GIFs and other content related to Steam, with whom the app is synchronized to know who is playing at this moment and what. You can see your complete friends list and what you are playing at a glance, helping you to decide if it is worth logging into your PC to join a game or not.

team Chat notifications can be configured depending on whether you want to talk to a friend, a group or receive alerts from a channel so we encourage you to configure it while you are playing so that your game sessions are not interrupted by annoying notifications of Continuous form.

You can create groups and share them through a link to, for example, create a room of a certain game or a specific videogame genre. The application is, as we have said, free so you do not lose anything if you throw yourself to try it on your mobile phone.

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