Artificial snow to save the Antarctic glaciers

Climate change is a matter of global and global interest. In fact, in a few years, it has become one of the most recurring issues at the international political level. While before it was only a social claim that raised its voice every time some multinational company exercised its full right and ability to do any kind of evil to nature.

articficial snow

For now, although awareness at the individual and collective level makes many headlines in the press around the world, we are at a very critical point, almost of no return. With the recent departure of the United States from the Paris Accords, the international scene has become somewhat obscure.

Artificial Ice To Supply Natural Ice

Great evils, great remedies. Or so the researchers who have recently published a study in the journal Science Advances on the creation of artificial snow at industrial levels to ensure that Antarctic glaciers do not heat up and raise the sea level with it.

In the words of Anders Levermann, one of the scientists who have participated in the study and belonging to the Potsdam Climate Impact Research Institute, ” there is no alternative to reducing carbon emissions to zero, we have already caused serious damage .” Therefore, the only thing that human beings could do today would be to alleviate the consequences of what has happened so far.

The investigation has tried the idea, in a scientific way, of manufacturing 7,400 gigatonnes of snow in order to sprinkle it on the glaciers to promote the creation of ice, and with it, be able to reverse the warming that the large masses of ice that inhabit the western part of Antarctica, where the devastation caused by climate change is most noticeable.

For now, it is only a theoretical project, perhaps a little away from the realistic canons of science, but the proposal is on the table. In fact, a calculation has been made through the Big Bear artificial snow system, capable of manufacturing 20 tons per minute, which would take around 700,000 years to be connected 24 hours a day to manufacture them.

Therefore, the initiative is real and consistent, but perhaps somewhat exorbitant for today’s human interests.

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