Will SERV'D provide placement services for Service Consumers?

No. We only work as a platform which brings together Service Provider and Service Consumer in a formal contract and enables them to transact in an organized manner, thus providing structure and benefits in a transparent manner. There is a search facility provided within the app for Service Consumers to find Service Providers.

Why should I use SERV'D?
  • Through Serv’d you will now be able to have a documented set of terms of engagement, that we refer to as a contract, between you and your service provider, detailing scope of work, remuneration by way of service fee in addition to a leave policy, annual bonuses and gifts, if any, should you want to extend these benefits to your SP..
  • You will be able to access verified data about proofs of identity and residence your SP at your fingertip, thereby giving you a greater sense of security and reassurance.
  • At the end of the billing cycle, a formal invoice is generated, thus providing visibility to payment terms as agreed in the contract.
  • The Serv’d app enables you to easily transfer the monthly service fee for the SP directly into their account.
  • You may provide ratings and reviews as feedback to the SP
  • By using Serv’d, you are changing the life of your SP by helping him/her be a part of the growing economy by enabling them to have a proof of fixed income as well as financial history, on the basis of which they can have access to affordable institutional credit and other financial instruments such as insurance and pensions.
Do I have to pay any fee to SERV'D?

At this time, SERV’D is a free service. You may have to pay credit card processing fees or banking fees, if the payment processor levies them for service provided.

How do I onboard my existing SP?

Download the SERV’D Consumer app from Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the process as detailed below :-

After the landing page, you would find Terms & Conditions. Tick on the ‘Accept’ checkbox and click the ‘Continue’ button. On the next screen, you would find two options options.

Step 1: Click on ‘Add Existing’

Step 2:  Provide your mobile number to register and verify using the OTP you receive

Step 3:  Enter your personal information. This is just a one time process. Once provided, the app does not require you to do it again.

Step 4: Register your SP’s phone number

Step 5: They will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP in your app to verify your SP.

Step 6: Enter the Full Name of your SP and choose the job role as per the given options and click on ‘Proceed To Create Contract’.

Step 7: Now select Skills, Service Start Date and fill in other details such as Shift, Service Fee, Billing Cycle, Paid Leaves and click on ‘Proceed To Secondary Info.’

Step 8: We encourage you to fill non mandatory but important information such as Service Fee Review Date, Bonus and Gifts are not mandatory. Click on ‘Review Contract’ to see the contract that you have created.

Step 9: On the Review Contract screen, you may edit the contract if you want. Once you have reviewed, click ‘Send Contract’. Our support center will verify the contract with your service provider and then activate it. In case of any disputes on the contract, the support center will get both parties on a conference call to resolve the issues. t

Step 10: In the meantime, click on ‘Add Service Provider’s Details’ to upload ID cards of your SP. Once you upload a document, you may click ‘Next’ to continue. You may also click ‘Skip’ if you wish to upload the documents later.

Step 11: Enter the bank account details of your SP in order to process their service fee at the end of the billing cycle.
On the next screen, you will be able to view the contract. If you wish to create another contract, click on the blue colored ‘+’ button and choose ‘Add Existing Service Provider’ to go ahead.

How will SERV'D help me with on-boarding of my existing SP?

We have created a very intuitive app to take you through the entire onboarding process. In case of any queries, you may reach us through our email on [email protected]

If the SP doesn’t come today?

You need to mark the day as leave on the app. Refer to the FAQs on Contract mentioned below. In case of any confusion regarding the leave, the call center would arrange a conference call between you and SP to clear the issue.

How do I Search for a new Service Provider?

We are doing a Pilot only in select area in Pune. We strive to provide you only verified Service provider, this might take some time. We will keep you updated.

What if I have to format my phone? What happens to my account data?

Your data is safely stored with us. Download the app again and log in with your register number. All your data will appear in the app.

How do I update my phone number/email?

Your phone number is your primary identity on the system, hence you cannot edit it from the app. You will have to call our support center on +91-7304 777777 to get your phone number changed.

To change your email, you can go to The Profile section on the app and edit your email address field

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

The feature for deleting or deactivating an account is not available at the moment. You can always close or open the app as per your convenience.

What is a contract?

Contract is the agreement made on the SERV’D mobile app by the Service Consumer as per his/her mutually agreed terms and conditions with the Service Provider.

How can I create a contract?

Please refer to the User Guide.

Can I edit an active contract? How?

Yes, you can edit an active contract.

You can directly go to the contract you want to edit on the your Home screen, open that contract and click on the edit button.

You will be shown all the information you entered while creating a contract and you can edit any field except the Name of your Service Provider.

In case you edit the service fee, for a contract you created after searching a service provider on SERV’D, the difference in the security deposit amount will be charged and you will be sent an invoice to pay the same.

When can I terminate a contract?

You can terminate a contract at any point of time.

How do I terminate a contract?

You can terminate a contract from the app by clicking ‘terminate contract’ option on the home screen.

What if I have to terminate the contract in the middle of the month?

You may terminate the contract anytime given there are valid reasons for the same. The invoice will be generated on pro-rata basis and you will not have to pay for the entire month.

Can I create multiple contracts in case I have more than one service provider?

Yes, you can. The process remains the same. All your contracts will be visible on your home screen.

If I on-board a service provider, can they take up another job from the platform?

Yes. They can. It depends on your mutual understanding and the nature of the contract with the service provider. For example, they might take up multiple jobs if they are providing you the services on a part-time basis.

How do I mark a leave?

When you see your active contracts on your app, you can click on ‘Mark Leave’ option highlighted in blue color to mark leave. You may also mark leave in advance by clicking the blue ‘Add Leave’ button inside the mark leave page. The paid leave will be marked by green color and unpaid in red.

What if the invoice isn’t generated on the specified billing cycle?

You may write to us at [email protected]

What is the validity of an active contract between the SCs and SPs?

It is valid till the time you want it to be. The validity is from the time you created a contract and indicated a start date in it, till the time you terminate it.

What is the role of SERV’D in the contract between SCs and SPs?

SERV’D works as a channel between the SC and SP. We just provide the backend support and administration for both the parties.

What happens to the active contracts and past invoices if my phone is lost?

Your contracts and invoices are safe with us. Just install SERV’D on the new phone and login with your phone number. You will be able to see your data as your left it.

I can’t see the contracts on the app?

Check if you have logged in with your register phone number. If you still can’t see the contracts, please do not hesitate to write to us on [email protected]

What are the different modes of payment in the app?

Well, we know you love variety and therefore, you have the option to choose from credit card, debit card or net banking.

Can I pay the service fee in cash?

We highly encourage you to pay the service fee directly to the SP’s bank a/c and therefore don’t support cash payments in our system. That is how you can help them become financially inclusive since it helps them to establish credit history with financial institutes. We may set up universal cash collection points at a later time in case there is a large enough need for cash payments.

What is the billing cycle?

It is the date on which the invoice will be generated. For your convenience, there are four billing cycles, viz., 1st, 7th, 14th and 21st of the month. You need to make the payment within next 5 days after the invoice is generated or else the contract gets terminated. The security deposit , if one exists, is used to settle the invoice in such cases.

What is Security Deposit and why do I need to pay it?

In case you create a contract with a service provider that you found on SERV’D you would need to provide a refundable deposit equivalent of one month and seven days of the agreed upon  service fee with SERV’D. This fee is to safeguard the rights of the SP in case of any conflict that may lead to a possible termination of contract and hence we will settle their service fee with this deposit.

What is payment processing fee?

Since we provide you convenient payment options, we need to pay processing fee to the payment gateways. It is currently 1% of the service fee and a Service Tax of 14.5% on the 1% payment gateway fee

Why do I have to pay one month and seven days of security deposit?

We don’t have security deposit for first 5000 assisted onboarding contracts. You need to make the payment within 5 days of the generation of the invoice. In case of failure to do so, the contract gets terminated and all or part of the service fee of one month and seven days is credited to SP’s a/c by SERV’D. In case if the SP hasn’t served a complete billing cycle, then payment is made to the him/her in a pro-rata basis and the rest of the amount will be refunded to your bank account. Please note that this settlement may attract Service Tax.

Can I change the payment cycle?

Yes. You may edit an active contract, but the same will come into effect only after the approval from the SP. You would receive a notification when the changes get approved.

What if I am not able to make the payment against the invoice?

The contract will be terminated if Service Fee is not paid in next 5 business days from the date invoice. Your security deposit is paid to the SP in a pro-rata basis. We will refund all the due amount to you excluding service tax. You would receive a notifications for the same.  Please note that we don’t have security deposit for the first 5000 contracts.

Will the service fee which I pay to a service provider go up?

It will never go up automatically. You can mutually decide with your service provider to raise the service fee.

What happens in case of a payment failure but funds debited from my a/c?

Please write to us immediately on [email protected] immediately.

I need more information about the invoices.

Please write to us on [email protected]. We’ll be glad to serve you!

Can I save my debit/credit cards on SERV'D app?

You wouldn’t be able to save cards as of now. We are working hard to get you this facility.

Is it safe to use my credit or debit card on SERV'D?

Our payment gateway is one of the best in the industry, ensuring quality of service. Yet, if you face any difficulty, you can surely write to us on [email protected].

Is the service available on Desktop/Laptops also?

As we want to help you manage your domestic service on the go, we have kept it a mobile based service only.

What are the platforms currently available?

The SERV’D Consumer App is available on Android and iOS platforms as of now.

I am facing challenges updating my app?
  • Please make sure you have you have a running internet plan on your phone.
  • Try updating the app after restarting your phone.
  • Free up some space if you see there is not enough space left for the app.
How many cities SERV'D is serving in?

SERV’D app is available to you across India (except Jammu & Kashmir). You may onboard your domestic help anywhere

What is Rating & Review?

Rating & Review is provided by the Service Consumers to Service Providers according to the service they have provided. You may rate and review your SP by going to his/her profile in the app. Similarly the same has been provided to the SPs as well where they would be able to rate and review the service consumers in the service provider app.

How do I write a review?

After every invoice cycle, you will be able to rate as well as provide detailed reviews about your service provide. Please rate your service providers carefully because you can’t change their rating once it is submitted to us.

How do ratings and reviews affect the SP?

Rating & Reviews are based on the hygiene, reliability and quality of work of SP. Hence your reviews would help the SP find opportunities to work with the other Service Consumers.