Instagram Launches Stickers To Start A Chat With Your Friends

Instagram Stories has become the nerve centre of the photographic application. This is the app’s function that receives most news in recent months. An example of this is the addition of song lyrics through the last update and, now, the possibility of starting a chat by clicking on a specific sticker created for it.

Instagram stickers

Instagram now allows users to ask their followers to join a new group chat and gives the power to select who can join it. The new feature, called “chat sticker”, joins the rest of adhesives that Instagram presents in their stories, including surveys, question boxes, mentions, locations, hashtags and countdown, among others. The chat function is quite simple because you simply have to place it in our Storie and, anyone who presses it, will be able to open an Instagram Direct chat window with us.

If someone places a chat sticker about their history, any of the contacts in the social network (as long as you do not have them blocked) can take advantage of the sticker to request access to the chat. The original sticker can include the subject on which you are going to talk in the chat because the function is designed to start group chats. However, before anyone joins the conversation, you have the option to accept it or not. Of course, it is in your power to end the chat at any time.

This feature seems designed for people who interact with their real friends on Instagram so if you are an influence in search of new ways to get your desire, we do not think that this tool is designed just for you. Maybe you could start a conversation with your fans, but it could be very difficult to handle a conversation involving thousands of users.

at least in the phones, we have tried, both in iPhone and Android, we still can not use the Instagram Stories chat sticker. However, we do not think we take too long to prove it, because it is one of those server-side updates that add features when you least expect it.

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