Spatio: An Alternative To Manage Facebook From Android

According to interesting new studies, such as Pew’s latest study on the behaviour of adolescents on the Internet, many users are abandoning Facebook, due to privacy, boredom, and interface changes. But many of them are opting to leave Facebook because they do not want to be part of a database for advertising. Can you be on Facebook without having to see the constant publicity of the platform? Yes, you can, through Spatio, an alternative to Facebook for Android.


When we talk about an alternative to Facebook, we are referring to the possibility of accessing Facebook from a client developed by third parties. It does not mean that we will stop having an account on Facebook, or that we will not be able to access it from your platform if necessary. Spatio offers us a viable alternative because we will be able to save the use of Facebook’s Android application that, despite recent and interesting updates, still leaves much to be desired. Spatio has a different approach to our Facebook experience, and also allows us to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

The first thing we are going to have to do with Spatio is to connect using, obviously, our Facebook account. We are going to have to access all the permissions that the application asks for, which are enough, and this can be problematic for some. Considering that Spatio is a Facebook client, it makes sense that he asks us for this type of permission to manage everything related to our account. When we accept, we will find a Holo interface that is much more interesting than what we can see in the official application.

What we are going to notice is that this orientation towards the images that we could see with the incorporation of modifications to the Timeline that occurred recently is lost. The interface is much clearer, and within Spatio we will find a concise alternative on Facebook where we will not be limited by being outside the interface. With this alternative to Facebook, we will have the following available features:

  • Two themes of Holo to choose between a cleaner interface and a darker one
  • support for multiple Facebook accounts
  • Quick access to our newsfeed with previews of the photographs
  • board view with quick access to our wall, profile, photos, messages, groups, friends and pages
  • the ability to post status and photo updates to all of our accounts and pages
  • offline support, to be able to write updates while we do not have an internet connection, which will be sent automatically when the connection is established
  • wall display and photos of friends, as well as the pages that we like
  • possibility to share publications on our wall from the newsfeed
  • find friends and pages from the application
  • filter the newsfeed publications from certain keywords or users
  • support for publication on Twitter

These are the basic features that Spatio has, and as we can see, we will not find a basic need related to Facebook that is not satisfied with this application. It is, in all aspects that matter most, a complete alternative to Facebook. However, although the application is free, to be able to sustain the developers have incorporated ads within the application. This means that maybe we will be getting rid of the Facebook ads, but we will be replacing them with another alternative that maybe is not even better. It is something to take into account before downloading it.

Spatio is an application, in addition, relatively new, with what we are going to have some functionalities a little limited. For example, they do not yet have support for Facebook Events. If we do not have too much use for this functionality, or we have our Facebook events previously synchronized with Google Calendar, then it will not be something we have to worry about.

The interface can be a bit complicated to see during the first few minutes, especially if we were intensive users of the original Facebook application. However, we are not going to take too long to get used to it and in fact, it is very easy to navigate. When we want to enter our options from the newsfeed – which is the centre of the application – we just have to press on our name to find all our alternatives. On the other hand, when we select one of our friends’ publications, we can interact without problems.

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